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Beginning in 2015, HerpersGuide began the Annual Herptubeathon.  The Herptubeathon is a YouTube Contest for subscribers of the channel.  Guest YouTubers submit challenges and those who wish to enter the contest complete the challenge.  The Herptubeathon is a great way to spread the word about Reptiles and Amphibians.  For last years Herptubeathon visit:


Herptubeathon 2015 Playlist



Official Rules for Herptubeathon 2016


1.  Each contestant must be subscribed to HerpersGuide to enter.

2.  Each contestant must be subscribed to the Guest Presenters.

3.  Each contestant must complete the challenge video and post a link to it in the original challenge video by the deadline.

4.  The winner of each challenge is entered into a drawing at the end of Herptubathon 2016.

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